Family & Wealth Trust Audit Services

When the wealth accumulation of a family or a business needs to be passed from one generation to the next, wealth management is of considerable complexity and difficulty. Our professional trust accounting team can create family trusts for private clients and their families. Also, we solve tax and regulatory issues and plan for inheritance and business succession. We can manage family trust audit and solve taxation and monitor problem. Moreover, we can make plans for heritage or inheriting a legacy.

Our professionals have a clear understanding of the transaction norms. And we are aware of the challenges involved in household and corporate wealth solutions. Also, we can explain to you the relevant regulations that may be involved and help you do thoughtful planning.

RJ Plus can help you set up and manage a variety of trusts and funds to protect and manage your assets. Since the establishment of trust audit accounting services, we have helped many clients set up trust funds to help clients understand the complexity of different trust fund and play the role of tax reduction and asset protection.

Our accountants have years of experience in the consulting and management of corporate affairs. In the process of providing long-term trust accounting services for customers, we further understand the development and reform needs of enterprises and arrange specially-assigned personnel to manage your trust and funds. So that you can get our assistance whenever and wherever you are.

We are committed to reducing risks and maximizing benefits for our clients. With professional knowledge and full understanding of family trust, We provide clients with financial and tax strategies related to asset protection and wealth transfer and conduct reasonable tax avoidance to reduce unnecessary taxes. Therefore, RJ Plus will help you to create and achieve higher value.