Tax Planning and Strategies

We provide a wide range of high-quality tax advisory and planning services to our clients including various tax returns, tax planning and tax advice for corporate investment and financing.

We can help SMEs to design more effective tax structures, implement tax due diligence to collect corporate and business tax plans, and provide advice on tax consolidation in corporate restructuring.

Our accounting consultancy team can help you to optimise your financial structure further, help enterprise or individual to conduct a comprehensive quantitative assessment of the potential tax liabilities resulted from different management decisions. We also explore the optimal tax savings plan for your enterprise and formulate long-term strategic tax planning in advance according to tax laws and regulations as well as in response to the change of the market environment.

Tax planning is a continuous piece of work. We regularly meet with clients to provide them with timely tax planning and advice, as well as advice and guidance based on the latest policy.

Australia’s tax law and its taxation system are very complicated, and adjustments frequently occur in Australia’s tax policies and regulations. RJ Plus is committed to providing customers with professional and meticulous tax consulting services, along with accurate, efficient and forward-looking tax solutions, which can help you identify and manage possible tax risks in a timely and effective manner and maximise the interests of enterprises.