Property Investments & Developments Planning

Investment and development of real estate need professional real estate accounting advice, RJ Plus also has a professional vision and rich experience. Our real estate accounting experts work closely with investors and developers to provide advice on property development projects in terms of scale and budget, as well as to provide personalized investment strategy analysis according to customers’ financial situation. We tailor your investment plans and explore and realize the maximum value of your property assets.

We provide our clients with wise and efficient property development strategies, from construction, financing, relocation management, occupation planning, engineering to the construction of each link, we can provide you with reliable advice.

We provide real estate accounting consulting services including but not limited to development advice, sales, acquisition and sale, property promotion and positioning. We have a detailed understanding of the relevant laws and regulations of property development and have professional knowledge of the different legal provisions in each place so that we can plan well in advance for you and avoid risks, which can also save much time and cost in the future property development process.

We are committed to reducing risks and maximizing benefits for our clients. With professional knowledge and full understanding of property assets, RJ Plus will help customers to create and achieve higher value.