Special Financial Reporting for Immigration & International Tax Services

Our professional team has extensive experience in preparing financial and audit reports for immigration purposes. Over the years, we have served companies in various industries (including trade, finance, construction, road work, real estate, mining, general merchandise, drug development and production, hotel, tourism, public transportation, logistics, home appliance production and sales). We have completed various types of immigration audit reports (including 163A, 163B, 164, 165, 188A, 188B, 188C, 132 and enterprise net assets assessment). Our rich experience makes us very familiar with the requirements of the immigration office for investment immigration applications. For different cases, we will provide the most professional advice and solutions according to different situations, to escort the successful immigration of customers.

In line with the overall business objectives and business operations of the enterprise, how to effectively manage various types of domestic and overseas taxes is a significant challenge for multinational companies, but also can be turned into a great opportunity. In the complicated global economic situation, enterprises should further integrate tax and business operations, to maximize tax savings and optimization opportunities. RJ Plus will bring you a new perspective, help you reduce the tax burden, improve the level of profits, to make the enterprise a more stable development and growth. RJ Plus has profound knowledge and experience in tax and regulation, and can flexibly use it when dealing with global business. Combining practical and novel tax advice with our tax compliance service framework of global management, RJ Plus can help you reach the idea of integrating tax management methods in different regions. We can help you to reduce the burden of internal tax management and monitoring, and provide you with a global perspective when making comprehensive strategic decisions — all of which will be easily and conveniently achieved through the one-stop service provided by RJ Plus.