Family Office Services

Our diverse family office provides customized, cross-disciplinary services to meet the unique needs of different high-net-worth families. Whether it is property planning, investment management or trust management, we can ensure that the matters entrusted by you are handled with the most efficient, the most flexible and the best possible solution. We not only emphasize the allocation and security of international investment portfolio but also take charge of the safety and inheritance plan of the whole family assets, including retirement plan, insurance arrangement, family culture, children’s education, charitable donation, and so on.

RJ Plus can provide you with

  • 1. Asset preservation, debt isolation, bankruptcy isolation, criminal recourse block.
  • 2. Professional asset management.
  • 3. Tax planning function.
  • 4. Marriage wealth protection.
  • 5. Ensure control of the family business.
  • 6. The flexible inheritance of wealth may impose necessary restrictions on the beneficial right.
  • 7. Keep asset information confidential and pay attention to family privacy protection.
  • 8. Social charity.
  • 9. Prevent “black sheep” from squandering their wealth.
  • 10. Overseas asset allocation.
  • 11. Guarantee and take care of the life of family members, such as providing for the aged, raising children.