Business Structure and Asset Protection

Starting a business in Australia requires a critical decision from the get-go – what type of business structure is best for you? Choosing an appropriate business structure is especially important to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of your business. Before investing in Australia, you need to carefully consider the business structure, because each structure type is closely related to your legal obligations, tax, asset protection, and so on. Our professional team will customize the most suitable business structure according to the different needs of customers, and is committed to building a low-cost, low-risk, high-return and sustainable business structure for customers.

RJ Plus always believes that asset preservation and wealth inheritance is as essential as tax. It is also one of our purposes to establish asset preservation schemes for clients when clients achieve success and wealth growth with our help. We have developed comprehensive global asset preservation programs for many Australian and Chinese high net worth families, and have been committed to providing clients with a series of complete solutions for wealth growth and asset preservation.