Business Acquisitions and Mergers

RJ Plus provides professional advisory services to assist investors in evaluating investment opportunities to support them in making effective and timely business investment decisions in outbound, inbound and domestic M&A transactions.

Financial and tax due diligence review

We aim to assist clients to effectively manage significant financial and tax risks associated with potential transactions to minimize transaction risks and maximize transaction returns. Services include assessing the investment structure of the proposed transaction, assessing the quality of assets and earnings, identifying and quantifying implied costs, contingent liabilities, tax risks, industry and transaction specific risks, and opportunities; Assess employee benefits, internal control structures, information technology systems and risk management procedures; And rationalizing consideration.

Business due diligence review

Conduct rigorous due diligence on:

  • (1) market (such as determining main demand drivers, market segmentation, variability drivers, regulatory matters, cost drivers, trends and other industry-specific factors)
  • (2) competition (such as determining the main success factors, comparison between the target company and its competitors, consumers’ purchasing power, the level of industry entry barriers, the strength of suppliers, and the supply of substitutes)
  • (3) find target companies (such as identifying, analysing and screening target companies in target industries) to help customers determine suitable investment objects and/or business partners
  • (4) the company’s capabilities (such as its business model, strategy, core capabilities, potential opportunities, and risks). Assist customers to establish a new business or joint venture (such as business strategy development, negotiation support, project management, and implementation)